PVAMU Students Win Fight to Get On Campus Polling Place

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PRAIRIE VIEW Students at Prairie View A&M University say they've spent years fighting to get an election day polling place on campus. Now, student voters at the historically African American university are finally getting what they want.

Priscilla Barbour is the student body president. She says she knew getting an on campus voting location wouldn't be easy.

"Since students had the right to vote at their college location, there has always been a difficulty with the University and the county," said Barbour, a political science major.

Barbour explained there has been difficulty, because some people don't like change.

For years, Prairie View A&M students had to cast their ballots at the Waller County Community Center, which Barbour said is too far and too small for the 2,000 registered voters who live on campus.

"We would have excessive lines. The wait was up to 2 hours," said Barbour.

That's one reason why she said moving election day voting to the student center on campus made sense. It eventually became a group effort for organizations on and off campus, along with elected officials.

The Waller County Commissioners Court agreed, and voted unanimously in favor of the on campus polling place.

"We're just really excited about having the opportunity to have students on the same level as any other student at any other university," said Steven Ransom, Director of Student Engagement at PVAMU.

Ransom says students are excited for their voices to be heard this November.

"It's not only a victory for us. It's not only a victory for me. It's a victory for those who came before us, who believed that there was hope for our students to have equal rights in this county when it came to voting," said Barbour.

Prairie View A&M is the second oldest public college in Texas.