Planned Parenthood says goodbye to Bryan

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The Planned Parenthood Center in Bryan will close its doors for good on Thursday.

Officials with the center said the centers in Lufkin and Huntsville will also be closing up shop on Thursday.

The Gulf Coast region's president and CEO, Melaney Linton, cited "an increasingly hostile environment for providers of reproductive health care in underserved communities," along with budget cuts to women's health care services as reasons for the closure of the three centers.

The center also cited new abortion restrictions passed in the Texas Senate and signed by the governor.

On their website, Planned Parenthood said "While we believe the excessive and medically unnecessary requirements imposed on clinics providing early abortion are unconstitutional, we have made the difficult and practical decision to close at this time rather than face the prospect of having to do so in the foreseeable future."

Ruth Pitt with the Coalition for Life said she and other members were at the Bryan clinic on East 29th, praying for patients and staff. She said they'll be back on Thursday.

According to Planned Parenthood-Gulf Coast's website, birth control and testing for HIV, pregnancy and STD were among the services offered in Bryan, Huntsville and Lufkin.