Dismembered Body Found On Highway 290 In Waller County

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WALLER COUNTY - Authorities are investigating the discovery of a dismembered body found in a black trash bag along Highway 290 near the Waller and Washington County line.

According to the Waller County Sheriff's office, they were contacted by two fisherman who smelled a foul odor when they spotted the busted trash bag near the Brazos River.

When deputies arrived on scene they say the bag was not completely opened, but based on what they could see, they only spotted a torso. Crews are searching the area as well as side roads for the head, arms, and legs or other items that might belong to the victim.

When the body was found it was 50 yards away from the river leaving the Sheriff to believe someone wanted it to be seen.

Sheriff R. Glenn Smith says,"This with dismemberment, placed in a bag, put in a location, you know even to the point of a location what I am going to say has a significant amount of travel. It would almost appear that they would want that body found maybe to send a message. And and that goes back to your drug cartel, gangs, different things like that."

He also says nothing is being ruled out as this is still an on going investigation.

After examining the torso, they believe the body has been there for several days. Waller county will be checking for missing persons reports as they try to identify the victim. Officials say they are also checking for any tattoos or markings on the remains.

The body will be taken to the Harris County Medical Examiner's office for further investigation.