Several Bryan ISD Elementary Parents Want Changes To Recess Schedule

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BRYAN - Several parents at a Bryan elementary school are upset about the recess schedule.

They say having it at the end of the day is affecting their kids and causing behavior issues.

News 3 takes a look at their concerns, and why the district believes there's plenty of time for the kids to be active in school.

Recess can be a child's favorite part of school but at Johnson Elementary School in Bryan several parents say having it at the very end of the day for fourth grade is a bad idea.

Shiloh Harris was pulled out of the public school this semester in part because of the schedule.

"They kept it at the end of the day and work was just hard because like we had long classes and like we only had two breaks in the middle of the day," said the nine-year-old.

His mother Leslie Harris told us about the problems.

"He was starting to get to the point where he was in tears everyday coming home from school he didn't like school and he's always been an avid learner and an excited learner," Leslie Harris said.

"You know young boys can't sit forever," said Randall Walton, another parent.

Randall Walton had a 4th grader at the school last year and has a son in that grade now. He says both have experienced problems and sees no educational benefit to the schedule which has been in place for at least eight years.

"You know that's true from Pre-K all the way through college if they're active they perform better. If they're more fit they perform better so recess gives them unstructured activity where they can play," Walton said.

Bryan ISD officials tell us the fourth graders do get several breaks throughout the day before they have recess.

Kate Jensen has two kids at the school and while she understands the concerns, she couldn't be happier having her kids here.

"If they feel like there's a reason why they've pushed recess to the afternoon and they say they're evaluating it which is what they told my fourth grader then I believe them and I trust their judgment," she said.

After the complaints, Johnson Elementary is making recess for fourth grade earlier in the day on Wednesdays only starting this month.

Several other elementary schools in Bryan have recess at the end of the day for certain grades.

Bryan ISD declined to talk to us on camera but released the following statement:

*Statement from Bryan ISD*
Teaching and learning drive the daily schedule at all Bryan ISD schools. State requirements call for 130 minutes of physical education per week. Like other schools, Johnson Elementary provides 150 minutes of physical education per week, exceeding state guidelines, in addition to providing recess time. Unrestricted play-time must be scheduled around the six grades currently on campus as well as class schedules for art, music and other classes throughout the week. All grades cannot take recess at the same time, so the master schedule is built around consistency and state guidelines. The recess schedule for fourth grade has been in place for at least the past eight years.