Siegert Ousts Longtime Robertson County District Attorney Paschall

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The campaigns are over and the votes tallied.

Of all the races News 3 covered Tuesday night, one caught our attention. For the first time in over 20 years in Robertson County, someone other than John Paschall will be the District Attorney.

Change at the courthouse in Franklin happens everyday. Workers climb scaffolds three stories high around the 130-year-old building. A massive restoration is in full swing.

After Election Day though the biggest change might be in the District Attorney's office. Longtime District Attorney John Paschall lost his re-election bid to criminal defense attorney Coty Siegert.

Pachall's been the D.A. in Robertson County for decades. Not all of it has been without controversy, though.

His brother-in-law Brian Blackburn accused in a fatal beating. Although no one was ever arrested, a lawsuit was filed in Federal Court alleging Paschall refused to pursue the case to protect Blackburn.

It would seem that voters in Robertson County are looking for a new face.

We reached out District Attorney Paschall for a comment on the election results. We were told by his staff that he was busy Wednesday, thanking his supporters and removing campaign signs.

His replacement spent the day in court.

We caught up Coty Siegert outside the Brazos County Courthouse. When asked how he felt the day after being elected, he said the "adrenaline is starting to wear off."

Siegert says he's ready to change the perception of the Robertson County D.A.'s office.

"We need to let them know what we're doing," says Siegert.

"When we try a case, we'll let them know the results and just work with them and be a lot more open about it," he explains.

After ousting a longtime incumbent, Siegert is setting some of his own priorities.

"We definitely need to focus on some drug issues," he shared. Siegert also wants to focus on pursuing violent crime prosecution.

He says he's ready for whatever might be around the corner.

Siegert's first day in office is January 1st. He tells us, though, he's already started preparing.