Tale of the Tape Between A&M and NU Causing More Commotion

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Texas A&M's big win over Nebraska is still the talk of the town. However, two days after the Aggies big win, the tale of the tape is now causing even more commotion.

If you watched the game at home or at Kyle Field, you probably caught the intensity of Nebraska's head coach Bo Pelini. But it's what you may not have seen at the time that's raising eyebrows and earning apologies.

Pelini's heated exchange with freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez was just the start of the excitement that cameras caught Saturday night at Kyle Field. While we may never know what the argument was about we now know why Nebraska tight end Ben Cotton was penalized on a play early in the game.

After recovering a fumble, Cotton was penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. Turns out the reason he was being unsportsmanlike was because Texas A&M defensive lineman Tony Jerod-Eddie dug a little deeper than he should have out on the field. A video replay clearly shows Jerod-Eddie digging in Cotton's pants and trying to pick a little cotton. In other words, he grabbed one of Cotton's testicles.

"I heard about that, I talked to him about it. He said, 'yea coach in the heat of the moment.' I told him, we don't do that. Respect the game of football, respect your teammates and respect your opponent as well. That's not a part of what we do," said Mike Sherman, Texas A&M Head Coach.

The antics carried on after the game, KBTX cameras caught Bo Pelini hunting down the officials after the game and giving them one intense stare down.

And to cap things off, a reporter for TexAgs.com, had a confrontation with Nebraska's defensive coordinator and head coach's brother Carl Pelini. In this video shot by Brandon Jones, you see Pelini make his way to Jones when the camera hits the ground.

Coach Sherman was asked if he ever felt like going after a cameraman which he responded, very fact of the matter. "Yeah, I have."

There is a link to all three videos in this story listed below.