Tech Tuesday: The Connected Car

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We can now connect our cars to the internet. With Internet capabilities, cars will be able to tell us when it needs service, where we are located and it can also be a rolling hotspot.

AT&T and Verizon have both introduced car plug-ins that can help car owners know what’s going on in the car—even when they’re not driving.

AT&T’s Audiovox Car Connector can turn your car into a smart car. It tracks your vehicle so you know right where it is at Bush International Airport or Kyle Field, provides summaries of road trips by tracking mileage and apps can be added to monitor speeding.

These tools are especially helpful for parent’s monitoring teenage driving.

Know where your vehicle is and how it's being driven with the Audiovox Car Connection™ Elite Series. It plugs right into the on-board diagnostics port in most vehicles 1996 and newer to send real-time updates wirelessly to any smartphone, tablet, or PC.

It is great for parents with teenage drivers, senior drivers and small business owners. Use the vehicle lookup tool to determine what features are compatible with your vehicle and identify where your OBD II port is located.

You may save on your car insurance when you have the Audiovox Car Connection Elite Series and purchase car insurance through a participating provider.