Texas A&M Baseball Team Gets Special Recruit

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TEXAS A&M - The Texas A&M baseball team hit a home run today by helping make a College Station kid's dream come true.

They signed 13-year-old Elias Gomez this afternoon.

"You are relentless and we feel very honored that you're a part of our program here at Texas A&M," said Aggie Baseball Head Coach Rob Childress of the the team's new...very special member.

"I know they're excited to have Elias as part of our program and getting to know him throughout practices and games as we move forward."

Like any new signee...Elias Gomez got a tour around Blue Bell Park.

Including a view of his new locker, which they outfitted with Elias' gear and name tag.

"We were really excited to get the news that we were finally paired up with the A&M baseball team," said Elias' mom, Leanne.

But this isn't just any run of the mill recruit.

At 13, Elias is the youngest member of the Fighting Aggie Baseball team.

And he's overcome a lot to get here.

"I had a Meduloblastoma brain tumor," Elias said.

"From the beginning I've believed that he was going to be healed and cancer free and he's about five years out from treatment now and that's held true so far," his mom said.

Leanne is proud that her son gets a second chance and a great group of people to share it with.

"It's really I think a pick-me-up that I think he could really use right now."

"He has a great story, I mean he's just overcome a lot of challenges in his life and we're just happy to have him," said Aggie Pitcher A.J. Minter.

Of course the team is excited to have some new blood.

"We just want to give him something to look forward to, just be part of a team and just come out here and enjoy being around our company and we want to be around his company."

Elias has gone through a lot in his short life ...but days like today...well..they make it all worth it.

"This is one of the reasons why it's still great to be here."