Texas A&M Data Breach Leaves Thousands at Risk

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COLLEGE STATION - The social security numbers for 4,697 faculty and graduate assistants who taught during the Fall 2014 semester at Texas A&M University were viewable from a department website.

The social security numbers were inadvertently displayed along with the individual's first and last name in the Fall 2014 Semester Teaching Analysis Report (STAR). Upon discovering the situation, the University immediately removed access to the website and sent letters to those that might have been impacted by this data breach.

Texas A&M University had this statement:

"Texas A&M University takes the security of personal data seriously. We are diligently addressing an incident in which the names and social security numbers of faculty members and graduate students were inadvertently made viewable from a departmental website. The university took swift action upon discovering the error including the immediate removal of the data and notifying those that were impacted. In addition to providing affected individuals appropriate steps they should take to help protect themselves from the possibility of identity theft, we are providing free monitoring services for one year. Based on our internal assessment, we have no reason to suspect any fraudulent activity has occurred. We are reviewing the processes in place designed to prevent this from reoccurring."

University officials would not tell us how long the sensitive data was up and who had access to the site.