Texas A&M Health Science Center Dedicates New Facility To Produce Mass Flu Vaccines

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BRYAN, Texas The Governor and top Texas A&M officials dedicated a new 100,000 square-foot manufacturing plant that will have the capacity to produce bulk flu vaccine for the world.

The project represents the largest federal investment in Texas since NASA in the 1960s.

A new building already under construction is the latest piece of the Biocorridor puzzle to mass produce flu vaccines and other vaccinations.

Thursday morning a steal beam was signed by dignitaries including Governor Rick Perry and Texas A&M System Chancellor John Sharp.

"We Aggies have longed believed as you know Governor that we are here to save the world and in this building and on this location at some point in the future we will get a chance to do exactly that," said Sharp.

Once this new building is fully functional they'll be able to mass produce 50 million doses of flu vaccine within four month's time of a declared pandemic.

"Anyone watching the nightly news realizes that we are living in a dangerous world. One filled with new threats and challenges... The next global pandemic may be closer than any of us would like to believe," said State Senator Charles Scwhertner, (R) -Georgetown.

GlaxoSmithKline says they chose to partner with Texas A&M after an extensive nationwide search.

"We came here in Texas because of frankly the willingness, the political support we got and also in Texas A&M we found really good partners with a can-do attitude," said Antoon Loomans, GlaxoSmithKline Senior Vice President of Vaccines.

Dr. Brett Giroir, the CEO of the Texas A&M Health Science Center, says vaccines from the flu shots you'll be able to get at your local pharmacy to vaccines for more serious ailments will be made at the facility.

"Now for a new disease like Ebola that's emerging we hope to have remedies for that already in the stockpile within a few years," said Giroir.

"It's good news not just for Texas A&M. It's not just good news for this community not just for this state but as you've heard from multiple people it's good news for the world," said Governor Rick Perry, (R) -Texas.

Construction is expected to be completed in one year with a flu vaccine ready by 2019.

This is only one of three centers of its kind in the country and the only one run by an academic institution.

The center is expected to result in $41 billion in economic impact for the state.