Texas A&M UPD is Putting a Creative Spin On Their Social Media Accounts

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Texas A&M University Police Department is creating quite the buzz with their social media accounts.

While keeping campus safe, A&M's Police Department Twitter is gaining the attention of thousands with it's unique way of keeping the community informed in 140 characters or less.

Lt. Allan Baron with Texas A&M University Police Department says, "We try to do things a little different. We try to put a twist something that is going to attract someone's attention make them interested and make them want to view it, read it, open it up and it's been successful."

He says they are pulling quotes and mugshots directly from police records.

Students are taking notice of the extra details police are releasing on their Twitter account. Marcial Brock follows @TAMUPolice and says, "Some of the updates are kind of funny, some funny situations that have happened."

Now with technology in the hands of students and faculty, they can receive these updates in the blink of an eye.

"People today like to get information as quick as possible and using social media outlets is a great way to do that. They can get that information very quick then they are actually able to forward that information to their friends, their family so that just helps spread the word," says Lt. Baron.

Although, some tweets are humorous students say they can count on @TAMUPolice to inform them when the university is faced with threats.

"It keeps us updated especially in serious situations or potentially serious situations," says Brock.

@TAMUPolice has more than 15,000 followers making it one of the most followed Univeristy Police Department Twitter accounts in the country.