The Brazos Valley Bucket List - Blue Moon BBQ

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Old San Antonio Road in Brazos Country is one of the most historical paths in the state. It’s known as El Camino Real or the King's Highway and this road has been well traveled since the 1600’s.

Now it’s a hot bed for oil and gas but among these high oil derricks, you’ll find one smoke stack that puts out a smell sweeter than the rest.
On the corner of OSR and Macey Road, pretty much in the middle of nowhere, you’ll find the sun shining down on Blue Moon BBQ.

“I didn't want to be big, I just wanted a little place out in the middle of nowhere where you can find greatness," said owner Rick Moon.

Moon started this stand about 6 years ago and at a time when most folks are making different plans.

“This is my retirement," joked Moon.

The former food distributor retired in the community he was born and raised all to offer locals a little slice of heaven in the form of some beautiful brisket. But don’t worry, he’s doing exactly what he wants to do.

“You ever had a BBQ in your backyard? It’s like doing that everyday," said Moon with a big smile.

With the help of his wife Tony and his son Matthew, Blue Moon BBQ has garnered quite the reputation thanks to good food and a down home atmosphere.

“Hey Tim, how are you doing? Give me just a minute on that rib," said Moon to a customer.

Rick lets his food do all the talking.

“You see the flavor is there but it just needs about 10 or 15 more minutes and they’ll be right," explained Moon about his ribs.

And just how did Rick get such a big following?

“It's just word of mouth, the local people out here. I never knew about the gas and oil business and when we opened this place there’s enough people out here that we can make a living doing this," said Moon.

“They know your name, they know what you’re fixing to eat before you get in the door, they know what you’re drinking and they get it ready for you," said Austin Lame a gas worker from Fairfield.

“If I can’t remember your name, I remember what you eat. Usually," joked Moon.

Not everybody that comes through these parts is local. With some serious German and Czech roots in the area it wasn't a surprise when a group of touring Germans stopped by for bite. And they weren't looking for schnitzel.

“It was quite interesting, the German gentlemen. It was a couple of guys on motorcycles touring the United States. He comes back here in his thick German accent and says. ‘Your food is not good. It’s excellent," said Moon in his best German impression.

“If you like good food and good company, than this is the place to come," said Lame.

“It’s great BBQ. It’s something that you need to do once in a Blue Moon," said Moon.