The Brazos Valley Bucket List - The Edge General Store

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Just off of Tabor Road in the far reaches of north Brazos County, you’ll find The Edge General Store.

Here the winds of change have gone one direction to another in what feels like overnight for some locals.

And while it may look sleepy on the outside, the inside is full of flavor.

“I grew up right down the road and this had been closed since I was about two," said owner Teresa Bordeau.

Bordeau and her husband Ron have owned The Edge General Store since 2006.

But this story goes back to 1907 when the busy store in the Brazos Valley sold shoes, groceries, tractor parts, even coffins to local cotton farmers.

It was the hub for the Edge community for the first half of the 20th century, but in 1968 the building was boarded up and forgotten to time.

That’s until a break-in led to an idea. One day, Teresa noticed the door to the old store was kicked in and decided to stop to check on things.

“There was tons of stuff in here. It was just crazy," said Bordeau.

What’s even crazier is Teresa got the idea of buying the store and turning it into an eatery and museum, just to preserve the history of the general store.

“I was scared this would get torn down and once that happened, all we’d have is the two churches. Once history is gone, you can’t pull it back up and this to me is essential to Edge history," said Bordeau.

That’s why pretty much everything you see in the store has been there for over 100 years.

“We’ve tried to keep it as original as possible. The only thing that we added was the tile in the kitchen," said Bordeau.

And in that kitchen is where the magic happens.

Open six days a week for lunch and dinner, the Edge General Store has garnered a reputation all over the Lone Star State.

“It’s odd how many people from all over have heard about it and stopped in," said Bordeau.

And it’s all for a taste of a hamburger with a heck of a name.

“Humdingers,” said Ron.

“The Humdinger is a hamburger with mayonnaise, mustard, all the way. Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions," said Bordeau.

Yes, this burger is all about the basics and is talked about for its tastiness thanks to one extra ingredient.

“We just try to make them with a lot of TLC," said Bordeau.

The locals agree.

“It’s a place to come and have fun, meet friends, and eat a great burger," said Edge native Andy Anderson.

“It’s a piece of nostalgia that you can’t reproduce anywhere else. You could put old things in new establishments but it’s not the history. It keeps that part alive which is great, it’s home. When people walk in, it’s home," said Bordeau.