The 'Miracle' Therapy: Dry Needling

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"Hi David, I am going to be doing some dry needling with you today," explains Bryan Physical Therapist, Leon Bradway.

It's a procedure called: Intramuscular Dry Needling. It happens to be a very uncommon treatment in the U.S and more so, right here the Brazos Valley.

"I use it a lot on back pain, a lot on neck pain, also on TMJ and oral facial problems," explains Bradway.

But it is not so uncommon to Bryan Physical Therapist, Leon Bradway.

"We're going to work on your lower lumbar, your back area and a little bit on top of your buttocks where you are having your pain and discomfort," Bradway says to his patient.

"I use a needle very similar to what is used with acupuncture, but I don't use any medication, it is all natural."

This all natural procedure has changed David Elizondo's life.

"I have been to every other doctor in this town for my injuries and most of them want to do surgery and that's too invasive for me," says Elizondo.

"You may get some soreness now David, or you may not. You may walk out of here feeling completely relaxed and relieved."

"There is some soreness that I will feel for most of the rest of the day, but that goes away and tomorrow I will be doing cartwheels, the pain will go away and I will be perfectly fine," explains Elizondo.

"There is a big difference between what I do and what an Acupuncturist does," explains Bradway. "The needles penetrate deep enough into the tissue to help the muscles release so that you start to get some healing and that is very effective for a lot of injuries."

Dry needling is non-invasive procedure that focuses on the body's anatomy. By using a needle, Bradway says he is able to pinpoint the problem areas located deep inside the muscle tissue.

"He strives to give you long-term relief so you don't have to come and see him every day of your life," says Elizondo.

A long term resolution that has this business owner breathing a sigh of relief.

There are 14 states in the United States, including Texas that have accepted this type of physical therapy.

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