Turning Ideas Into Real Business Realties

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BRYAN -- Ideas for new inventions sometimes start in a classroom or on paper.

But thanks to the Texas A&M System Technology Commercialization program, new companies are helping turn those dreams into a reality.

A handful of A&M's start up companies showcased their inventions to potential investors during Thursday's Investment showcase.

Brett Cornwell with Texas A&M System Technology Commercialization department says, "There are all parts of technologies- there are medical diagnostics, there are technologies for treating cancer- there are software technologies for first responders."

CartoFusion is one of those companies spurred out of Texas A&M Corpus Christi, which has created Sit-U-Map, a mapping software technology being used by first responders.

Sam Allred says, "Sit U map is able to save someone's life by expediting this mapping process of planning during a disaster."

CartoFusion is already successful in the commercial market and they're selling software technologies to emergency management teams statewide.

But they are hoping one of today's investors will join them and help the company grow.

Cornwell says, "The reason why we are interested in helping these companies receive investment because the Texas A&M System has an invested interest in these companies some we own equity and in some we will receive a return."

An overall goal is seeing some the universities ideas and research projects come to life and in the end, benefit the public.

Other inventions presented today included a new generation of Tuberculosis testing devices that could be used in third world countries in hopes of detecting and curing T-B.