Two Members Of Open Carry Texas Arrested

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Austin, Texas There is anger and frustration tonight as Department of Public Safety officers arrest two members of Open Carry Texas at the capitol.

OCT member Amanda Andeen says, "Two of our party members were carrying two pre 1899 black powder replica revolvers, they were holstered the whole time, they were never drawn or displayed rudely by any means."

Andeen's boyfriend is one of the men arrested.

The group had been attending a Let's Roll America protest at the capitol.

DPS spokesperson Tom Vinger said, "The men were openly carrying suspected deadly weapons and were given the opportunity to leave the area, but refused."

But a spokesperson for open carry Texas told us the pistols the men carried were black powder replicas of pre-1899 revolvers and therefore exempt as a firearm.

Open Carry Texas has more than 30-local chapters across the state.

According to the organization's Facebook page the group is dedicated to the "safe and legal carry of firearms openly in the State of Texas in accordance with the United States and Texas Constitution and applicable laws."

"We're not going to stop, we're going to continue until our point is made and things change," says Andeen.

When we spoke with Andeen Saturday night, both men arrested were still in custody and booked for criminal trespassing.

Andeen says what happened today is about a much bigger issue.

An issue she says Open Carry is hoping to change. She says "Tv, video games, movies have demonized weapons, firearms, and so we're just trying to make it a point that not everyone with a gun is a bad guy."