Veterans Cycle 490 Miles Across Texas

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Mile after mile these wounded warriors continue to pedal, churning up the endless landscape of the Lone Star State.

Although the exercise is great, for many of them, the ride is about so much more.

Jonathan Dade is a United States Navy Veteran, who is cycling in this challenge. He says, "When I first came out of the military I was struggling with depression, struggling with all the kinds of thoughts people struggle with. You know, where do I fit in, what do I do?"

Jonathan Dade served six years in the Navy. He started cycling to overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

"A lot of People always look at the physical injuries, like you're missing a limb, but in the six years I was only around friends and family for one holiday season. So just imagine five different Christmases, Thanksgivings, Easters in a whole other world or standing watch somewhere, serving your country, watching your friends pass and then when you come back into society, its like you don't know where you fit. That's one of the hardest things" says Dade.

Ride 2 Recovery helps veterans like Dade adjust to their new normal.

Event Organizer for this Ride 2 Recovery Challenge, Joe Coddington, says, "23 veterans commit suicide everyday and that's tragic. We are here to do something about that."

The life they knew before putting on a uniform. While it sounds easy, for many vets, its not.

"I realized cycling kind of enabled me to connect with civilians, but also a lot of my old military buddies that have it a lot better and have it a lot worse. This is what I do for my own therapy personally" says Dade.

Therapy through camaraderie and physical activity is used in hopes that these vets will find the road ahead much smoother.

The complete list of stops along the way is:
April 20- College Station, TX- Georgetown, TX
April 21- Georgetown, TX- Killeen, TX
April 22- Kileen, TX- Waco,TX
April 23- Waco,TX- Cleburne, TX
April 24- Cleburne, TX- Fort Worth, TX

This is the 7th annual UnitedHealthcare Texas Challenge Ride 2 Recovery.