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Focus at Four

Deciphering polls as presidential primaries begin

A&M public policy expert on Bolton allegations, impeachment trial

A&M foreign affairs expert on whether impeachment trial hurts diplomacy options

Texas A&M-developed device helps weed out hemp from marijuana

Facts, figures and predictions on new trade deal's effect on Texas

A&M British cultural expert provides context for Royal Family split

Focus at Four: Lack of diversity in Oscar nominations

Focus at Four: Astros Cheating Scandal

Teach Me Tuesday: Understanding the original U.S. colonies

Abbott tells Trump administration Texas won't participate in refugee resettlement

A&M military strategist discusses latest in Middle East, balance of U.S. powers

A&M economist: Netflix under-performing, possibly losing the 'streaming war'

Back to school means back to others' germs; how to prevent illness

Rural homelessness on the rise, hard to spot

Retired Army general: 'No one wants' all-out war with Iran

Myth Monday: Exercising in the tub?

A&M global energy expert on Iran conflict and the Texas oil industry

A&M political expert talks impeachment, Democratic debates

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