Universal LabOps Platform Draws Actionable Utilization Data From Any Powered Object

New sensor technology connects any asset in a lab with a power cord to inform budgeting, purchasing, and asset retirement.
Published: Oct. 7, 2021 at 8:00 AM CDT

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Elemental Machines, a manufacturer of universal laboratory asset monitoring technology for research and clinical labs around the world, has expanded its robust utilization data tracking capability to include any piece of lab equipment with a power cord.

The company's arsenal of sensors now includes utilization tracking solutions for assets from any manufacturer or era, drawing insights from data ports, current loops, and now, mere power cords.

The sensor solution for power cords, named Element U, is the most versatile addition yet to the Elemental Machines arsenal of turnkey sensors, which have already empowered more than 200 labs around the world to track utilization of scientific equipment.

After one large pharmaceutical company tracked the utilization of 20 laboratory assets on the Elemental Machines platform, the insights collected over 30 days of utilization monitoring led to $40,000 in savings through a combination of decommissioning unused assets and reducing or eliminating unnecessary warranties and service plans.

The utilization data gained by the Element U and affiliated sensors is transmitted wirelessly to Elemental Machines' Universal LabOps data platform in the cloud. The resulting insights can inform the entire Asset Life Cycle, shaping budgeting and purchasing decisions and saving precious resources through the retirement of unused equipment, forecast maintenance needs, and more.

"Elemental Machines' universal asset utilization monitoring solutions have given LabOps teams visibility into their final remaining assets that weren't connected to the cloud," said Rob Pemberton, Chief Commercial Officer at Elemental Machines. "Leading names in biotech have been able to confirm their suspicions regarding unused equipment, allowing them to free up lab space and cancel needless warranties and service plans."

Existing Elemental Machines customers can order Element U sensors through their account specialists, while other LabOps professionals are eligible to track asset utilization on the Elemental Machines platform free for 30 days.

To learn more, visit www.elementalmachines.com/utilization.

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Elemental Machines is the trusted data collection and reporting technology supplier to researchers and clinicians around the world. The Cambridge-based company equips labs with universal cloud-based dashboards and turnkey sensors that unite data from every asset, every metric, and every location, enabling universal collection, seamless sharing, and turnkey reporting.

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